Study Environment


One of the most important parts of studying is the study environment.  Every student should have a place to study and do homework.  Some students prefer to work at school or at the library since it is quiet and there a less distractions.  However there are ways to create a perfect study area right in your own home.

  • Make sure the area has a desk or table and a chair. This is the easiest way to set up a work station.  This is also important so they can work with correct posture and not hurt their back from leaning over homework on the floor or in bed.
  • Make sure the area has good lighting. The area should have a nice light the student is able to turn on.  It is easier to read with light.  Also it will prevent eye strain from working in the dark.
  • Try to set up the study area in a room with a door or in the corner of a room. You want the child to be able to concentrate and not be distracted by other siblings or people in the house.  If the child is easily distracted and there is a window you might want to close the blinds.
  • Have a clock and timer available. Allow the child to see how long they have been working and how much time they have left.  Many teachers say the students should only spend a certain amount of time on the homework.  Use a timer to help them know how long to work. (If your child is having trouble finishing his or her homework in a reasonable about of time you should contact the teacher to see how you can help you child.)
  • If the child has difficulty concentrating for too long have a small non-electronic toy around he or she can play with to distract them for a few minutes. Some suggestions for toys are stress balls, a few Legos or blocks (not a full set), or a doll.  These toys ca be played with quickly and then they can return to their work.  Puzzles and games are not good if the child would have to finish it before they can return to their work.
  • Have a snack for the child.

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