Study Tips and Ideas


Everyone studies differently.  Some people learn from hearing (auditory) others learn by seeing (visual) and some learn from doing (tactile).  Here are a few different ways to study.


  • Reread your notes. This is one of the most basic ways.  Rereading your notes will remind you of anything that you might have forgotten.
  • Create flashcards. By creating flashcards you are rewriting the facts.  You can also quiz yourself to see how much you remember.
  • Rewrite important information. Not everyone likes to create flashcards.  You can also just rewrite important facts in a list on a sheet of paper.  You can then just reread one sheet of paper instead of all of your notes.
  • Answer additional practice problems from the textbook. The will help you check your understanding of the topic.  Many textbooks have certain answers in the back of the book so try to check your answers.  If you are getting the questions wrong ask a parent, teacher, or friend for help.
  • If you do not have extra questions to practice you can redo classwork or homework questions.  Make sure you cover the answers while you are working on the questions. Remember to check your answers when you are finished.
  • Create a review sheet.  Write all of the important facts you need to know. Also write some of the questions you will need to know with the answer so you can study them.
  • Write a song.  This can be fun and you can sing the song in your head to remember the information.
  • Create a game. Create a card game or board game. You can use index cards or oak tag to create the game. It can be a fun way to review with your friends.
  • Study with a partner. Working with a partner can be more enjoyable.  You can take turns reading the notes, using flashcards, or quizzing each other on facts.  Just remember to spend more time studying than joking around.
  • Write a quiz. You can look through your notes and write a quiz for yourself. You can then take the quiz and see how you do.
  • Create a mnemonic device.  This will make it easier to remember and the be fun to create.

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