Tutoring Company versus Individual Tutor


There are pros and cons to hiring a tutoring company or an individual tutor.

Tutoring Company Pros

  • They have clearly defined rules and regulations.
  • They have legally obtained access to resources.
  • They will provide proof of purchase.
  • They have many tutors specializing in many different areas.

Tutoring Company Cons

  • There are many tutors and requests for a particular tutor might not be honored.
  • Different companies have different qualifications for the tutors. Always ask about the qualifications.

Individual Tutor Pros

  • They specialize in their area they are tutoring.
  • They might be more flexible with pricing or scheduling.

Individual Tutor Cons

  • Teachers frequently use resources purchased for their classroom and not purchased for private tutoring.
  • They normally do not have insurance or a refund policy.
  • They might not accept credit cards.

If you are looking to hire a tutoring company or an individual tutor, download our free chart with questions.  This will help you make sure you are asking the correct questions to find the best tutor for your needs.  http://services.margotenterprises.com/helpful-links/resources/tutoring-questions

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