Certified Teachers Versus Other Tutors


All NYS certified teachers have taken at least 24 college credits in teaching strategies and education. They have also passed at least 3 exams in teaching post-college to receive certification.  They have been observed while teaching and provided with feedback on how to improve their teaching skills and strategies.  Certified teachers also must take professional development and continuing education classes to maintain their certification. This requires them to be up to date on the latest curriculum and teaching methods.

There is no standard for certified tutors. Each company or organization creates their own certification.  These companies use words such as company certified, experienced, excellent, or qualified to describe the tutors.  They are also not required to learn the current curriculum or teaching methods.  Even if you do not agree with the current curriculum it is important for the child to learn it so they can pass the class and move on to the next class.  In addition, there is no way to know how qualified the tutor is to teach.

Individuals have the least insight into the current curriculum.  Most publishers and textbook companies refuse to sell the materials to individuals.  This means that an individual most likely does not know the current teaching methods.  This is not beneficial for the student.

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