Student Responsibility for Books


Students should begin to take responsibility for their actions and learning.  At different ages students should be held accountable for different aspects of their learning.  A main aspect that students should become responsible for is remembering to bring the correct books to and from school.  The students should be starting to do this on their own in fourth grade.  At the beginning of sixth grade they might have same difficulties again.  This is the first time the students have a locker and have to figure out what they need on their own and make it to the bus on time.  Here are some ways to help students remember the correct books.

  • Have a sheet (there is a free one on so the students can check off which books they need to bring home when they write down their homework.  At the end of the day they can check the list to make sure they have all of the books.
  • Have a homework folder that they put all of their homework in.  They will therefore only need to bring the folder and any textbooks home.
  • If they have an AM/PM binder they should bring it home every day since most likely at least one class in each binder will have homework.
  • If the student is really struggling to figure out what they need you can email the teacher in advance and ask what the child should bring home each day for that week.  You can make a list the night before if everything he or she needs to bring home.
  • Create a goal. From time to time everyone might forget something.  Try to cut down now often a book is forgotten.  You can begin with once a week, then twice a month, then once a month, ect

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