When to seek help for stress


Most people are able to handle the stress in their lives.  However, sometimes the stress can be too much to deal with on your own.  When this happens you should seek professional help.  There is nothing wrong with needing help to get through a life event, a period of time, or even everyday life.  In the school there are many adults a student can speak with to receive help.  Students can always see a guidance counselor.  This is normally the best place to start.  A guidance counselor can deal with many common situations.  Schools also have social workers and psychologists for students who need some extra help.  These professionals work with students every day and are great at helping students deal with and manage stress.  Some students might have an anxiety disorder and need further help. These students should find a psychiatrist and a private psychologist.  The school psychologist can make a recommendation if he or she feels the child needs additional help.

If you are worried that you cannot manage the stress in your life, you should seek professional medical assistance.


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