Evaluating after Midterms


The school year is now half over.  It is time to evaluate how you are doing in your classes this year.  You still have time to pull up your grade and do well in the course.  There are a few questions you should ask yourself.

Am I happy with my grade on the midterm exam?

Not just satisfied with the grade but are you actually happy with it?   Is the grade in the range that you were hoping for?  Is the grade in line with your first and second quarter grades?

Am I happy with the report card grades so far?

What is your average so far in each subject?  What is your overall average so far?  Is this the best that you can do?   Will these grades help me achieve my goals, whether it be college, the military, or a job?

Have I been studying and putting in my best effort?

Should I attend extra help?

Do I need a tutor?

Recommended downloads: Midyear Evaluation, Questions to Ask a Tutoring Company

Download these resources for free at http://services.margotenterprises.com/helpful-links/resources



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