Reflecting on What I Did


You should reflect on what you did in class and at home.  This will help you realize what worked and what you can improve on.  It will also help you create a plan so you can finish the year off strong.

Did I take effective notes?

Did I write down everything the teacher wrote on the board?  Did I take notes on what the teacher was saying?  Are my notes written neatly? Are my notes organized?

Did I participate in class?

Did I raise my hand to answer questions?  Did I ask the teacher questions if I was confused?

Did I do my classwork?

Did I try the independent work and questions on my own?

Did I study at home?

Did I do my homework?

Did I do my projects?

Why am I getting questions wrong?

Do I not understand the material?  Are they careless errors?

What worked?  What should I change?

Recommended Downloads: Midyear Reflection, Test Reflection, Self Evaluation of Understanding

Download these resources for free at


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