Creating a New Plan


After completing a midyear evaluation and a midyear reflection you should create a plan.  Ask a teacher or guidance counselor if they have suggestions to help you improve.  Talk to some friends and see what they are doing.  Remember to keep your plan manageable and doable.  Set up a study and homework schedule.  Pick the days, times, and location of where you are planning to study.  Set up a study space.  It should be well lit, comfortable, and quite.  Your homework space should have a table or desk, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, sticky notes, and extra paper.  Reward yourself for sticking to your plan.  The reward should be appropriate for the goal.  You can reward yourself with a new game or outfit that you’ve been wanting or by going out with your friends one night, or by going to your favorite restaurant.

Recommended Downloads: Creating a Plan, Study Skills, Writing Goals

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