Test Taking Tip 5: Extended Answer Questions

  1. You should have at least 3-4 paragraphs.
  2. Remember to indent each paragraph.
  3. Always proofread your work for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  4. Budget your time and try not to rush the conclusion.
  5. Always remember to answer the question that is asked.


The introduction paragraph should rephrase the question to prompt.  It should also include the topic sentence or thesis. There should be about 3-5 total sentences in the paragraph.  It should begin general by rephrasing the task and end specific with the thesis.

Body Paragraph

There should be at least one body paragraph.  It should flow and be organized logically.  If there are multiple topics, there should be multiple body paragraphs.  For comparisons there should always be at least two body paragraphs.


The conclusion should begin specific by stating the exact conclusion.  It should then become more general towards the end of the paragraph.  The conclusion should also be 3-5 sentences.

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