Being Reviewing for Finals


Final exams will be here before you know it. You should start reviewing early so you do not need to cram right before the test.  There are many ways to begin studying.  You can look over your notes and create a list of questions about topics of concepts that you might have forgotten.  You can look at your old tests and answer the questions again.

Whenever you are creating a plan or working towards a goal it is important to monitor your progress.  This is why your goals should always be measurable.  You should make sure that you are accomplishing your short term goals that lead to the long term goals.  Check weekly and monthly to make sure that you are still on track to reaching your goals.


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It’s the beginning of spring.  Take some time to enjoy the weather and the change of seasons.  Bring your homework or a book outside.  Open your windows and blinds and enjoy the sunlight.  Go for a walk after school to clear your mind and relax before beginning your homework.

Try something new.  You can learn a new sport or try a new art form.  Involve your friends in your new endeavor.  You can also learn a new skill. There are many instructional videos online that can help you learn something new.


Recommended downloads: Plan, Study Schedule, Writing Goals, Creating a New Plan

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When to seek help for stress


Most people are able to handle the stress in their lives.  However, sometimes the stress can be too much to deal with on your own.  When this happens you should seek professional help.  There is nothing wrong with needing help to get through a life event, a period of time, or even everyday life.  In the school there are many adults a student can speak with to receive help.  Students can always see a guidance counselor.  This is normally the best place to start.  A guidance counselor can deal with many common situations.  Schools also have social workers and psychologists for students who need some extra help.  These professionals work with students every day and are great at helping students deal with and manage stress.  Some students might have an anxiety disorder and need further help. These students should find a psychiatrist and a private psychologist.  The school psychologist can make a recommendation if he or she feels the child needs additional help.

If you are worried that you cannot manage the stress in your life, you should seek professional medical assistance.

How to recognize stress


People show many different symptoms of stress.  Stress impacts all of your life.   It can cause emotional symptoms like being agitated, feeling moody, overwhelmed or depressed, and having low self-esteem.  It can also cause physical symptoms such as headaches, upset stomach, aches and pain, inability to sleep, low energy, or nervousness and shaking.  It can also cause cognitive symptoms including worrying, racing thoughts, forgetfulness, and inability to focus.  It can also change your behavior including your appetite, procrastination, and increased use of alcohol or drugs.  This is just a short list of symptoms.   Remember everyone responds differently to stress.


If you are worried that you cannot manage the stress in your life you should seek professional medical assistance.

What is stress?


Stress is a physical response to events that cause a change.  Some amount of stress is good and causes us to be productive and reach our goals.   But too much stress causes us to shut down.  Other stress can be from fear such as the fight or flight response.  Everyone experiences stress at one point out another in his or her life.  It is important to recognize it and know how to handle it properly.

Stress can be caused by many things.  Here’s a brief list of some things that can be affecting students.

  • School: too much work, difficult work, oral presentations
  • Jobs
  • Too much responsibility
  • Low self-esteem
  • Bullying
  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Moving
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Traumatic Event: natural disaster, theft, violence, rape, ect
  • Emotional problems

If you are worried that you cannot manage the stress in your life, you should seek professional medical assistance.

Student Responsibility for Grades


By middle school students should take responsibility for their grades.  If a student receives a low grade on a test he or she should be able to say why they received that grade.  They should also not blame everyone else.  The student should reflect on what he or she did to prepare for the test.  The student should also figure out what is something that he or she did not do that he or she can try next time.


Did the child study?

Did the child go to extra help?

Did the child complete his or her homework?

Was the child physically present in class?

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Student Responsibility for Homework


Students should be responsible for completing their homework and projects.  When students are beginning school it is very common for parents to check that the student completed all of his or her homework and that it was done correctly.  As students become older and more responsible they should be responsible for completing their own homework.

By middle school the students should be able to complete their own homework without being told to do it.  They should be able to look in the agenda book and make sure that every part of the homework is complete.  However, they most likely will still need help planning and completing projects and other long term assignments.

By high school the students should be able to complete their own homework, projects, and long term assignments.

  • Students can check off each homework assignment as they complete it.
  • Students can use a planning sheet (there is a free one at to plan long term assignments.
  • If necessary, students can also use an incentive chart to encourage them to be responsible for their own work.  Some great and free incentives could be an extra hour of TV on the weekend, staying up an hour later on Friday night, or being able to choose dinner or dessert one night.

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