SAT Exam Tutoring


With SAT Exam tutoring time coming up the question is should your child have one person or class cover all three sections or higher the people or the classes.

Here are some ways to figure out which situation is best for your child.

If you hire one person that knows all three subject areas your child will be reviewing all of the strategies and sections weekly.  If you hire three people that would require three sessions a week and most likely three times the price.  If your child focuses on one section at a time they will mostly likely forget the strategies over time if they are not using them every week.

However, if your child really struggles with every area or is looking for the perfect 2400 a specialized tutor will help your child pull up the grade in each section.  If your child has one area that is weaker you can hire a tutor that specializes in that area but also knows the other areas.

Think about how much you can afford financially.  If you want your child to spend time working on all 3 sections each week in order to improve all sections, you can either pay for 1 hour a week, or 3 hours a week.  One hour a week will cover all of the strategies and practice.  Three hours a week can go more in depth.

Most students do very well with one tutor or taking one class.  However if you think your child needs a specialist for each subject are you should hire three tutors or attend three classes.